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Support our 2018 Belize Team


We're sending a team out to serve in Belize July 14-20. We're partnering with PathLight Int'l which helps Belizeans lift themselves out of poverty through education & discipleship. 

Why Belize? Belize is a beautiful country, but has also experienced much poverty, violence, and influx of refugees. One reason for poverty is because most Belizeans simply cannot afford high school (not free); many struggle to simply eat. Poor students are either sent off to work or marry instead. Without an education, they're stuck in low wage jobs, keeping them in the cycle of poverty. Girls have even less opportunities. On top of that, gang violence, family abuse, and the insecurity of being a refugee chip away at people’s well being.

Our church sponsors a couple girls through PathLight—which pays for school. But it also provides tutoring and discipleship which gives guidance and hope. God has blessed us with resources, education, and faith—we feel called to go!

About the Trip. Most of our time will be spent in villages near the capital city of Belmopan. We’ll hang out our sponsored students, do a service project, host a basketball clinic, and be joyful guests as our Belizean hosts proudly show us around their naturally rich country. We’re going to serve, but we also believe we will gain new friends and deepen in our faith.

Financial Support

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Thank you for your interest, prayers, and financial support!